Countdown: Keep Your Family Safe With These 6 Handgun Options

Countdown: Keep Your Family Safe With These 6 Handgun Options

Choosing a weapon for home protection can be daunting, so here is a list of 6 recommended weapons to help narrow down the search.

6. Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is a behemoth of a handgun that is geared toward a more experienced gun owner. It is heavy, with intense recoil and a blinding muzzle flash. It has a 7 round magazine and can cause serious damage when fired. The general consensus is that this gun is just too big and powerful for private home use, but one element that makes this gun so attractive is the scare factor. More often then not, all one has to do is pull this puppy out and any criminal will be running for the hills. The Desert Eagle uses .50AE rounds.

5. Glock 19

Next we have the Glock 19, a conservative handgun that can be a great choice for people who want something comfortable and easy to use. Its frame size is middle of the road so it will feel comfortable in most hands. This gun is easy to clean, take apart, and customize, making it a great choice for a novice. The caliber bullet this gun uses is 9mm and a magazine holds 15 rounds. It is recommended that extreme caution be used if this gun is owned by a family with children as there is no manual safety, although one can be installed.

4. Taurus Judge

If you want a gun with an impressive security system and the ability to handle different types of ammunition, look no further than the Taurus Judge. Bullets can penetrate walls and that can make for some unwanted accidents, but the Taurus Judge can handle bullets like the birdshot, which will not cause as serious of damage. This is great for families that live in close quarters. The Taurus Security System, or “TSS” can completely disable the gun, only able to be enabled again by the use of a key given at purchase.

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

For someone who is only going to own one gun, the M&P shield is a good choice because it can double as both a home defense and carry weapon. It is a very compact gun with well functioning sights and has both manual and trigger safety features. This is a great gun because it is lightweight and inexpensive but it is hindered by a smaller than prefered ammo capacity and a tiny frame. This gun uses 9mm ammunition.

2. SIG Sauer Tac Ops 1911 with Threaded Barrel

The best thing about the SIG Sauer is the accuracy. Made completely out of steel, the SIG Sauer’s recoil is nicely dampened to give a much more accurate shot. .45 ACP ammunition is used and a magazine holds 8 rounds. Unfortunately, this weapon can be too heavy for some and is a little on the expensive side. Some other nice features include a suppressor ready threaded barrel and a rail for laser/night sight attachment.

1. H&K USP Full Size Tactical 9mm with a Suppressor

Finally, we have the H&K USP. This gun is first in its class for performance and comfortability. The recoil is considerably low which makes things much easier for unskilled shooters. This gun is built for suppressor use, which is recommended to decrease temporary hearing loss and blindness which can be felt by the shooter in some instances. Despite being a little pricey, this gun is all around one of the best choices for home protection.

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