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How to Test a Bullet Speed with Shooting Chrony?

Human beings are fascinated by anything that has speed and accuracy and probably that is one of the reasons why we are passionate about super cars, supersonic aircrafts and bullets. While we are passionate about speed, we also have the urge to find out more about how fast these things travel in the air or on the road and how we can push the limits to make is faster. While we can certainly install the speedometer in cars and aircrafts, but measuring a speed of a bullet sounds tricky. Bullets are dangerous as they can cost a life and they are usually faster than the speed of sound this is why we normally hear a loud bang when a bullet is fired. Testing a bullet speed needs lot of attention and use of extreme caution to ensure no one is injured during the test. Shooting chrony also popularly known as chronograph is the best way to test a bullet speed and it works all the time because these devices are usually made to measure the speed of bullets or arrows from 30 fps to 7000 fps and these devices usually have an accuracy of 99.5%. In most cases, the speed… read more →
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